Until when?

Today in my locality, a 3 year boy lost his grandfather during Cross firing between Indian Security Forces and Militants.

[The kid sitting on the dead body of slain grandfather😢😥😩..]

Tujhe kitnu ka lahu chahiye aye arz i watan,

Jo tere aariz berang ko gulnaar karein,

Kitni Aahoon Se Kaleeja Tera Thanda Hoga,

Kitne Aansoon Tere Sahraoon ko Gulzaar Karein… “

Published by Shahzad Khalid

Slave Of Almighty Allah s.w.t

91 thoughts on “Until when?

  1. Is masum ko andaza bhi nahin ke iske daada ya naana ke saath kya hua.
    May Allah protect you and your family and all the people in Kashmir. Tahe dil se aap sab ke liye duaaen. Allah Taala in shuhada ki qurbaaniyon ko qubool kare aur is warna ko aazaadi de.

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  2. Uff kitna sabr chaahiye In takleefon ko jhelne ke liye. Banda ghar se nikle to soch bhi nahin sakta ke laut kar aaega bhi ya nahin. Kab kisi ki bandooq ki goli ka shikaar hojaae. Salaam hai aap logon ko jo is sab ke bawajood apne watan se mohobbat hai. I cannot imagine the plight of the wives, mothers, sisters, children and other family members who loose their loved ones.

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  3. bahut hi dardnak manzar hai ye. just shocked and have no words to say. i wonder how can this cruelty take place on a land that boasts of the legacy of non-violence.

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    1. Such cruelty we r witnessing since 90’s and before.. When injustice, extortion and cruelty exceeds the carrying capacity of soul, it manifests itself in form of intifada and revenge, irrespective of legacy of non -violence and ahimsa…

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      1. Yes, true that. I agree with you.
        May Allah azz wa jall give hidaya to the Zalimeen in this case and may he give strength, power, and patience to the oppressed to challenge this tyranny in a meaningful, righteous and conclusive manner. Ameen!

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      2. Allah ta’ala wadi-e-Kashmir wa Hind mein aman wa imaan ka mahaul qayam farmaye. Ameen!
        beshak, zulm wa jyadati qaumo ko mismar kar dete hai. Allah ta’ala is mulk ki hifazat kare aur zalim hukmrano ko hidayat de. Ameen!

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  4. یارانِ جہاں کہتے ہیں کشمیر ہے جنت
    جنت کسی کافر کو ملی ہے نہ ملے گی!

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      1. Oh.. So sad.. 😢 .. In our house attic, we had 4 kittens with their mother. They all died few days back. I think they hv taken poison.
        …there are much adorable things than cats like kids ♥

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      2. Children are more than Things 🤗
        Do love animals and especially cats as it is their right to be loved and cared by humans.
        And cats have a special status as their love is Sunnah 💖

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      3. Oh… That is nice suggestion. Children r much more than things, that is y, I m telling u spend time vd them 😇😊 as they r more adorable…
        To pet cats, u need time, space and ppl to take care of them .I don’t find enough of them🙏

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    1. Oh!! … Nice to hear it that you r so curious [for us] to show resentment against Indian aggrandize and oppression…
      But it raises a question in my mind.. Y shd u expect me to do so? … Although, I hv chosen blogging only for SOCIAL ISSUES and for purpose of improving my language , making political cum economic blogs is nt my motive. U know, it only adds salt to wounds. 🌹

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      1. Yes.i can understand this salt and wound philosophy.but you are the best person to write and display what you are suffering.pakistani community is occupied with the Kashmir issues these days but the best voice is always a victim,s voice.thats your ground,your speciality so raising it will contribute to your strength I guess! It’s just my piece of mind,but you have all the rights to decide what to do!

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      2. I welcome and appreciate your opinion ma’am /baji . 👍… InshAllah I vl write in coming days. Infact, I was busy in reading and watching various op-ed and news channel reports since yesterday. If u want to watch or read from native kashmiris, I can give u link like BBC urdu, Al-Jazeera, the wire, and many print and electronic media of both Pakistan and India…


  5. No need I ve all the international media on a click away…..just I don’t click many often.secondly, about Baji,that was a taunt btw,the thing I hardly knew you will take it so seriously.i simply meant that that can be an offending word for many young girls.

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    1. Hahaha.. No taunt at all. It’s ur own perception. I hvnt taken anything seriously 😆 … If u don’t like calling u baji, I vl nt… Ma’am..
      Moreover, I m nt political analyst or some journo who will make daily commentary on happenings around my place or somewhr else…. My only purpose of blogging is to improve language…. Thanku ma’am!!

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